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Social Media Services

Read below about all of the promotional services we offer on certain social media and streaming platforms

Social Media Services

SoundCloud Epicure Icon.png


Legitimize yourself in the community

Using our ties to over 30,000,000 organic followers on SoundCloud, Epicure exposes your song to all corners of the EDM community. We typically promote music in the following genres, although we do take exceptions if we feel our team can properly push the release. 

  • Indie Electronic
  • Trap
  • Future Bass
  • Tropical
  • Select House Music
  • Select Bass Music

We guide you through every step of publishing your music on SoundCloud to maximize your streaming potential

TikTok Epicure Icon.png

TikTok (fka Musical.ly)

Push your music to the youth and increase viral probability

TikTok streams convert to Apple Music streams if your distributor distributes your music to TikTok, and the user watching the video your music is featured in has an Apple Music account. If the song trends enough, Musically adds a YouTube video linked to the song, converting streams to YouTube views. 

YouTube Epicure Icon.png


Multiply your total stream count

We pitch your music to top curators with high success rates, helping you build your stream count and SEO visibility.

Prices for pitching are tailored to each client based off of their budget and style of music. 

We also help creators who are looking for guaranteed uploads to high tier curator channels. 

Guaranteed uploads to three channels with 200,000+ subscribers 



Hypem Epicure Icon.png

Hype Machine

Garner attention and notoriety from industry professionals

Nowadays, Hype Machine is the place industry professionals go to discover fresh, up-and-coming talent. We chart your music by pitching to an extensive amount of Hype Machine blogs which we have built personal connections over the years. 

       Plans               Cost

  • 1 Blog               $150
  • 2 Blogs             $250
  • 3 Blogs              $425
  • 4 Blogs              $550
  • 6 Blogs              $725
Online Press Epicure Icon.png

Online press

Enhance your SEO and build industry credibility


Tell your visual narrative to more fans

Instagram’s algorithm is making it increasingly difficult for new creators to grow their fanbase by themselves. We streamline the growth process by advertising your brand on relevant Instagram curators and influencers to grow your account. 

Accounts               Fanbase               Engagement               Style

  •     @rap                      3.5M                20k – 80k likes     Hip-Hop/Rap
  •  @course                    4M                300k – 400k likes Memes/Trends
  • @hotvocals              7.3M               400k – 500k likes  Trends/Vocals
  • @puberty                 2.4M                 11k – 55k likes      Male/Model
Twitter Epicure Icon.png


Build your super fanbase and strengthen your voice

Facebook Epicure Icon.png


Get important content and announcements heard

Facebook’s algorithm forces businesses to pay for advertising on any post they want all of their fans to see. We arrange personalized parameters for each Facebook post so all of your money spent on advertising is worth it.